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The days are coming to a close as you’re about to welcome your brand new babe. Oh I am so excited for you! Both exciting & a little scary, I promise this is going to be amazing! So your session is right around the corner! I am so excited to get to see you & meet your brand new little one. Then you can take a deep breath & know now that this is going to be easy! I promise to make this as relaxed as possible. The SMP guide to your at home newborn session will help you ensure you have everything you need for your session.

Mother holding her newborn & her older son. SMP guide to your at home newborn session

What to expect before your session.

Keep me updated! Babies come when they are ready or when doctors says now is the time.  As much as we always wish we had the control. So until that day you just hang tight, try to relax & enjoy all that time you have left before your little one is here. Until your little one gets here, I won’t need anything from you.         

Prepping your space beforehand.

You don’t need anything extravagant. All I need is some really great natural light. I always look for a room with a ton of light from windows. Usually places I aim for are the master bedroom, living room & the nursery. Now I LOVE an amazingly done, cozy, beautiful nursery, but let’s be honest sometimes between work & life we get busy. So if it isn’t done DO NOT STRESS! A nursery isn’t necessary to have done before baby arrival, it just makes it easier so you’re not trying to do it, while also taking care of a brand new baby. Babies don’t need their nursery until at least 3-6 months old. However if it is done YAHOO!

As for prep of the space, make the beds, just hide away the clutter. Take a photo of your room with your phone from different angles. Then take a look at everything in the photo, anything you don’t want in. Open all of the blinds & curtains as well as turn off all the overhead lights or lamps. Not sure what to look for send me a text of the photos. Finally, 30 minutes before I arrive, turn your temp up in the house to some where between 70-75 degrees. It should be warm, but not sweaty.

Mother holding her newborn son in a nursery. Family holding their newborn & their older son. SMP guide to your at home newborn session.

Props or items you’re thinking of including.

I don’t include props in photos unless it’s a name sign, something that is sentimental, or a family heirloom. I use or do nothing that would put baby safety at risk. We also want your little one to be the center of focus. Adding items to it just distracts & takes away from the focus of the image. However blankets, quilts etc bring all sorts of texture to an image & that is something I can definitely get behind! Should you absolutely want to buy an adorable little outfit these are a few places I recommend are Posh Peanut or H&M.

Newborn girl laying on the rug in her bedroom in a pink swaddle & headband. SMP guide to your at home newborn session.

What to expect from me.

I bring everything, including hand sanitizer. Based on your questionnaire responses I will bring swaddles, hats, bonnets etc. all freshly washed. You don’t need to have anything at all. When I arrive I typically have you give me a tour, show the space we will be in & then I get to work. I may chat with you for a minute, especially if we haven’t met. My whole goal is for you to feel at ease. There won’t be any work for you to do except the possible extra snack your little one might need. Otherwise I will give you some directions, tell you where to sit, how to hold baby, all those things. My whole goal is to keep these very fluid, very relaxed, non-posed & just capture you as a family with your newborn.

Also the entire session I will take clues from your little one. Some times they need breaks, or an extra feeding. So feed like normal, don’t feel like you have to do extras in between it is 100% normal.

Parents holding their newborn son in their nursery. SMP guide to your at home newborn session.

Session flow.

I usually start off with the whole family, this should help all the kids be more comfortable with me, especially if I haven’t met them. Also, if siblings are included, don’t stress if they don’t want to be included at first, its my job to get them to like me & want to be included. Fighting with them or pulling out bribes right away just makes them fight more & want the bribe immediately. Just breathe I got you! If they don’t want to participate right away I just include something like, everyone reading a book, or telling jokes. If it still doesn’t work, we just let them run & play a bit while I do parent photos, individuals with your new little one, individual shots of your newborn, the nursery & come back around to the ones of the family & just siblings.

Couple holding their newborn daughter in the nursery.

My whole goal of this session is to ensure y’all are comfortable, I capture you in a very relaxed, calm & familiar setting. My goal is to be out of your hair between 1-2 hours. That’s the best part about this for you all! No travel required, very little in need & me giving you all the directions you need for amazing photos. So I hope this little SMP guide to your at home newborn session. If you still have concerns or questions just give me a shout!


SMP guide to your at home newborn session

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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