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Well it has been awhile since I was able to do ANY writing or photography that was focused solely on something personal. It’s really where this idea came from. A time for me to capture & spend genuine moments with my kiddo. In essence “Capturing 10 for 10”.

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Why call it Capturing 10 for 10?

Research suggests that for every negative feeling or moment a person feels, it takes roughly 10 minutes of positive time spent with them to replace it. For children this is even more important. When we loose patience, are short or shout at them, it creates a negative feeling & memory. However spend 10 minutes with them, on their level, uninterrupted & soon that negativity is replaced with positive feelings & a new memory is created.

From that single notion a new idea was born & out of it came “Capturing 10 for 10. Now I know there are SO many folks that do 365 projects or have a personal pet project they do. However I have been so jammed the last 8 years building my business I haven’t thought about it. However now with a national pandemic & time to really evaluate life, I realize what a disservice I have done with my little girl.

A blonde little girl wearing a yellow dress laughing while hugging a Chrome Book

How will it work?

For the last 10 days, really 11 days, leading in to Christmas I’ll spend completely focused time with my kiddo. I should note it doesn’t have to be a child, it cam be your spouse, your loved ones or a friend! Over the 10 days I will spend time, using a “prompt” to guide us. This “prompt” can be a project, a craft, reading together, baking, cooking or whatever works for you! I’ll share what we are doing with you each day. You can find that here on the blog each day or on social media!

I’ll then also take a moment to capture it as well! Just so I have the memory. NO I won’t be pulling out my big camera every day, but in some cases I will. For the most part your phone is more than sufficient enough!

Also I created a hashtag! So not only will I be sharing on Instagram stories what we are doing & the prompt for the day! I will also be using the hashtag


Once I have captured a few snip-its of the moment with my phone or camera, it will go away so I can truly be in the moment with her.

Why should I take part?

At the end of each day I will take note of who used the hashtag! I’ll be keeping track of those that do & I will be doing a drawing for a holiday giveaway! Just something small that will hopefully help you create new memories for the future! I’ll share what this giveaway is on December 21st!

Not to mention the gift of quality time with loved ones, not working, is so incredibly valuable. Especially rolling in to a holiday season where so many of us are unable to see our families.

A family of three snuggled together on the beach in Hawaii hugging.

What will some of the prompts be?

A few of the prompts I already have on the agenda are EASY! One day we’re gonna make a SUPER easy & YUMMY holiday treat. Another day a lego craft that can also be created outdoors. Plus so many other fun ones. Some might take longer than 10 minutes, however the time put in is up to you.

So I hope you will join us! Soon I’ll be back sharing our first day of the project, what we did including a recipe or two! I hope you will join us for some holiday fun we kick off tomorrow!

Sneak peek of the prompt: Hot Cocoa!


Capturing 10 for 10

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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