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You have outfits mostly picked out, you know where you’re headed & you’re feeing pretty confident about how your engagement session is about to go. You’re basically gonna rock it. Well sometimes there are the minor details you might not think about! After five years of capturing families & couples there are some items that just tend to slip through the cracks. Thats why I put together these 8 engagement session prep tips!

Couple looking in to each others eyes smiling in front of an emerald green wall. 8 engagement session prep tips.

Tip 1. Check your wrists!

A habit we all have, is pulling your hair out of a pony tail, awesome top bun or you pulled the rubber band off the stalk of broccoli & you throw it on your wrist. Then you show up & we get a few shots in before I notice. Instead take a peek before you hop out of the car & ditch it before we meet!

Tip 2. Get to the salon or a barber!

A fresh cut and shave are essential to looking your best for your photos. Take it from me, my husband not having a fresh cut on our wedding day still gets to me. So make sure you get in for a fresh cut, color & shave!
Note! Thinking about getting your brows done make sure not to do it the day before! Your body needs time to recover!

2 couples looking at each other laughing. One couple standing in a road with pine trees the second couple is standing on a bridge in the fall. 8 engagement session prep tips

Tip 3. Schedule your test run for hair & make-up the day of your session!

Easily one of the best times to use your hair & make-up trials from your wedding day vendor(s)! This will give you the opportunity for someone else to do your hair & make-up. Yea for most this seems silly, but like your wedding day you’re going to want to take your make-up & hair up a level. Make-up should just enhance your natural look, but also not make you look washed out on camera. Want to read more on this? Check out this blog by my SUPER talented friends over at Gals & Ghouls! You’ll see a quote in there from yours truly!

Tip 4. Get a manicure!

Easy to forget & usually one of the last things on your to do list. Take the time to get over to the nail salon to get them cleaned up!

A couple looking at each other in a field of snow and a lake behind them. 8 engagement session prep tips.

Tip 5. Make sure to get your ring(s) cleaned.

You absolutely want that extra sparkle & no smudges! Getting in to make sure your ring is nice & shiny for those close up ring shots is a MUST!

Tip 6. Things to avoid!

White socks, stick out like a sore thumb! Make sure not to wear them. Also sunglasses & hats before hand are a bad idea. Even on the drive over. Why? The marks both leave on your forehead, side of your face & the mess it does to your hair! The last one is a major one…. SELF TAN! RUN AWAY! While it seems like such a great idea at the beginning, on camera it will make you look orange. Grab some regular sun if you need it for the color.

One couple standing in a field and the 2nd couple wrapped in a blanket laughing together standing in front of a pine tree. 8 engagement session prep tips.

Tip 7. Empty your pockets!

Ditch the phone & wallet in the car when you arrive. You really won’t need them for the duration of the session. The last thing you want is for you to have “bricks” in your pockets.

Tip 8. Pack a bag!

Bring a bag with all the things you will need! From the blanket to sit on, to the extra pair of comfy shoes to swap in & out of for walking. A bag will help keep everything in one place without having full hands or pockets!

Couple standing together looking together.

Bonus tip!

Don’t forget to include your puppy and plan for them to be included! More details on that in this blog!

Not your typical engagement session prep tips, but they’re things that I constantly see before sessions. Hopefully these 8 engagement session prep tips are helpful! make you think about a few details you might not have been on your prep list! If you have one I haven’t thought of drop it in the comments below!


8 engagement session prep tips!

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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