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A place where I get to share my current work, stories of adventures & even more! so make sure to check back often and watch for updates on the newsletter for new posts!


Welcome to my little slice of the world. 
A place where I get to share my current work, stories of adventures & even more! so make sure to check back often and watch for updates on the newsletter for new posts!


Maternity session outfits dos & don’ts

This session is about to be a blast! I am so excited for your growing family! While I know you’re likely not feeling like yourself, some days a little miserable, know you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You’re doing hard work growing that gorgeous little one you are about to welcome to the world! There is truly nothing like being a parent. Now that you bit the bullet & decided you’re going to get photos you’re likely starting to plan outfits. My hope is these maternity session outfits dos & don’ts will help pick some amazing items!

Think about your home.

You know what your décor & feel for your home is. Try to choosing outfits in colors that will complement your home. For example, if you have a mid-mod ranch or rustic old farmhouse, choose outfits that will complement the aesthetic.

A pregnant mom with her husband & two kids all looking at each other in the summer. Maternity session outfits dos & don'ts

Think about your location for your session.

If your session is scheduled for the beach you won’t want to wear tans, browns or blues. Same as if your session is at a park with fields & trees in summer you won’t want to wear shades of greens or yellows. You don’t want colors where you will blend into your background. Which is obviously impacted by time of the year.

Consider the time of the year & the season you’re planning for.

Each season brings a variety colors & tones. For example, If you’re planning for summer in Michigan, you know its very green, sunny so reflections of yellows & orange, but also warm! You will want outfits that are comfortable temperature wise & typically brighter in color but complimentary to yellows & greens. Yes Black & white always come to mind for their versatility, but it creates issues for photographers.

A pregnant woman looking away from the camera at golden hour in a light blue dress. A pregnant woman holding her daughter while kissing her on the cheek. Maternity session outfits dos & don'ts

Coordinate colors don’t match them. No all black or all white!

Everyone in the same color means there is no texture & no personality which produces a very flat looking image. Some important things to know white can easily blow out your image making you washed out. Where as being in all black it can cause clipping causing loss of detail to your images.

Choose patterns wisely.

Don’t fear them, just put thought into the scheme of everyone’s outfits. While you don’t want everyone in patterns pairing one of your kiddos in a similar pattern to a parent is a definitely plus! Even a button up shirt with patterns that have similar colors to the remainder of everyone’s outfits is an excellent choice! Also speaking of patterns ditch the graphic shirts & large logo branded clothing. It takes away from your beautiful faces!

A pregnant woman, in a red dress, looking down her dress in front of the pine tress, while it snows. Maternity session outfits dos & don'ts

Add texture with clothing, layers & accessories!

Depending on the size of your family 1-2 should have some texture in their outfits. This can be something like a lace dress, or lace details on a dress, linen shirt or pants,  a scarf, necklaces, anything you name it to bring in texture. It helps eliminate your images looking flat!

A couple snuggled up with hands on the womans belly. A pregnant woman with her family snuggled, looking at the camera. Maternity session outfits dos & don'ts

Pick for yourself first!

One of my own personal tricks is I shop for myself first! Using the above tips I start looking for myself. Choosing something we love & pairs with everyone else is WAY easier than getting kids outfits & trying to match them.

Choose two types of outfits

I always recommend choosing two outfits for your session. One that is a bit more dressy that flatters, both your body & your bump. A second outfit that is more casual that you will feel comfortable in. Oh and keep shoes in mind too! There is always a bit of walking so you want those to be comfortable too.

A couple looking at each other while the woman has her hand on her baby bump. Maternity session outfits dos & don'ts

Fashion trends, take caution.

While it is so easy to want to run after current fashion trends, keep your families body types in mind. You don’t want things that are skin-tight, if you’re usually in loose fitting clothing. Same with your kids if they usually wear pants even in summer, don’t put them in shorts. Remember that you want these photos to look awesome, but also represent your family!

Looking for some great examples you should definitely check out the Pinterest board, but some of my top favorites can be found on Amazon specifically this one and this one. I also love this one from Roolee, anything from Wren & Ivory as well as MamiPop!

A family with their son on dads shoulder, all looking at each other. Expecting mother looking off at her family smiling.

Hopefully you find these maternity session outfits dos & don’ts for your session. I can’t wait to see you! If at all you need help you just give me a shout!

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Maternity session outfits dos & don’ts

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