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Welcome to my little slice of the world. 
A place where I get to share my current work, stories of adventures & even more! so make sure to check back often and watch for updates on the newsletter for new posts!


Welcome to my little slice of the world. 
A place where I get to share my current work, stories of adventures & even more! so make sure to check back often and watch for updates on the newsletter for new posts!


SMP Studio Newborn Session Guide

I am so excited to welcome you into the studio. I know you are either excited because your little one hasn’t arrived yet, or you’re missing a little more sleep now that they have. Either way I promise you this newborn session is going to be one you won’t ever forget. Your little one will never be this small ever again. Not to mention if you’re welcoming your first born, the very first time you will experience all of this new world. So how do you prepare? What do you bring? I hope this Studio Newborn Session Guide will help you plan everything you need to know.

Newborn baby girl close up. Studio Newborn Session Guide

What to expect before your session.

I actually don’t have anything I need from you! Just relax & enjoy all of these last moments of your family as you are right now. You and I both know babies come at their own time on their own schedule. When your little one arrives you just give me a shout!

Props or items you’re thinking of including.

The only props I include are blankets, swaddles, hats & bonnets, I don’t include props in photos unless it’s a name sign, something that is sentimental, or a family heirloom. I use or do nothing that would put baby safety at risk. We also want your little one to be the center of focus. Adding items to it just distracts & takes away from the focus of the image. Should you absolutely want to buy an adorable little outfit these are a few places I recommend are Posh Peanut or H&M.

Father holding his newborn baby girl. Big brother holding little baby sister. Studio Newborn Session Guide

What to expect from the studio.

Your session will take place at my in-home session. Essentially the whole of the studio is to keep things at relaxed as possible with more control of natural light. The light comes from a large floor to ceiling window. The space as a whole is set-up like a bedroom with neutral color bedding, pillows, & throw blankets. The main goal of the studio is to give you a place where you’re not stressed about how clean your house is, or where to take photos. It gives you the freedom to just show up, get photos & head home.

Couple holding their baby girl who is looking at the camera. Studio Newborn Session Guide

Prepping for your session.

Before leaving home try to keep your little one awake as long as possible & plan to feed your little one a final time. We want your little one sleepy & as they are little feeding will get us set up for success. Whether nursing or formula feeding ensure you prepare for extra feeding. Since we will be moving & shifting your little one during the session it may require an extra feeding here & there. It’s tough to be a Model. Make sure to pack extra diapers, wipes & water. I always recommend bringing water. Sometimes the extra feedings also mean more changes. Additionally, bring an extra white onesie with you when you come.

Dad holding her baby girl. Family holding newborn son. Studio Newborn Session Guide

The flow of your session.

When you arrive for your session, we chat, catch up, I allow you to introduce me to your little one & we all take a breath. I know you are likely running around trying to get yourselves out the door to get to the studio. If you’re bringing siblings, I usually let you take some time to get them settled. Once that happens, we get started! A typical session will include in this order:

  • Full family photos
  • Sibling photos with newborn
  • Individual photos of your newborn
  • Individual parent photos with newborn
  • And if sibling photos didn’t go well at the beginning, we try again
Family of 4 with mother holding baby girl.

Things that will be coming in addition to this are the address for your session with a reminder of a few key details for your session. In the meantime breathe easy! I hope that you found this Studio Newborn Session Guide helpful & prepared. If not, just give me a shout by email, phone call or text!

I can’t wait to see you soon!

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SMP Studio Newborn Session Guide

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